1/3 Less Time

Bison steaks require less time than beef to cook. For a 1” steak, we recommend about 6 minutes per side on high heat to maintain a moist and tender texture.

Don't Overcook

Bison is best enjoyed rare to medium-rare. It’s a dense protein, so even if you usually order steak well done, you’ll enjoy bison medium-rare.

Let it Rest

Don’t cut your delicious bison too soon! Rest it twice the time you would for beef, so the moisture is re-absorbed and your bison will be tender and juicy.

Check the Temp

Always check the temperature to ensure bison is safely prepared. Be sure to reach an internal temperature of 145º for steaks & roasts & 160º for ground bison.

Juicy Steaks

Bring your steak to room temperature, but wait to add salt until just before cooking. This helps to retain moisture and keep your steak juicy. Season with just olive oil, salt, and fresh-cracked pepper to create a delicious flavor crust which will also keep the inside tender

Recommendation: Rare to Medium-Rare

Heat: High

Internal Temp: 122-128°F

Time: See chart above

Let Rest: 5-10 minutes before serving

A delightful change

Try ground bison instead of ground beef in all of your favorite recipes. Wonderful for burgers, delicious as the base for your family’s Bolognese. Raise the bar on meatloaf night with a terrific bison recipe.

Preparation: Similar to beef.

Handling: Minimal

Use for: Burgers, meatballs, meatloaf, chili, and more

Available: 85% or 90% Lean

Braise or Barbeque

Bison ribs have far less fat than beef ribs, so they cook differently (and taste delicious!) We suggest braising and barbecuing bison ribs in sauce instead of smoking, which will keep them juicy and tender. Get creative with your sauce: Try soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, and brown sugar for an incredible Asian-style flavor, or cumin and turmeric for Indian inspiration.

Recommendation: Add onion, shallots, or leeks to compliment the flavor

Brown: Don’t be shy—Sear ribs until they’re a rich golden brown

The Perfect Pot: With a tight-fitting lid

Temp: 320°F max

Rest: 5-10 minutes covered on a warm plate

Bison Sausages

Sausages & Brats

High Plains Bison sausages are already cooked and simply need to be heated. Whether you serve your sausage on a bun or as the centerpiece of an entrée, you’ll love our natural spices and savory flavors.

Tip: Simmer gently for 5 minutes prior to grilling to soften casings

Spices: All Natural

Flavors: Hickory Smoked, Andouille, Italian and more

Preparation: Fully cooked. Just heat and serve.