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The rich flavor of these majestic animals is not too gamey, but not a corn-fed beef flavor either. Tami Lax, Owner & Chef at Harvest Restaurant
I love the idea of bison because it's such an American product. I think of it as beef with less fat in it. Bobby Flay, Celebrity Chef
It's a safe and wonderful meat for your family. It's basically a chemical free meat. Andrew Stevens, Corporate Chef, the Vintage Group
Bison is sort of this exotic meat. It has a wilder flavor, but not as wild as venison. The flavor is just so incredible. I love it. Oliver Bartsch, Chef for the Supreme Court of Canada
I like the flavor. It's more iron-y — in a good way — and that gives it a nice game flavor that's not too overpowering. It's very tender and lean. Bruno Davaillon, Founding Executive Chef at Bullion

1/3 Less Time

Bison steaks require less time than beef to cook. For a 1” steak, we recommend about 6 minutes per side on high heat to maintain a moist and tender texture.


Don't Overcook

Bison is best enjoyed rare to medium-rare. It’s a dense protein, so even if you usually order steak well done, you’ll enjoy bison medium-rare.

Let it Rest

Let It Rest

Don’t cut your delicious bison too soon! Rest it twice the time you would for beef, so the moisture is re-absorbed and your bison will be tender and juicy.


Check the Temp

Bison steaks and roasts should be cooked to an internal temperature of 120–140°. For the best tasting bison, trust your meat thermometer!

Cooking Bison Chili

How do you cook bison?

It's surprisingly easy. You can replace beef with bison in all of your favorite recipes. Bison is very lean, so be sure not to overcook for delicious and tender bison.

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