Bison Grazing along a stream

High Plains Bison
is taking meat to a Higher Plain

We believe relentless attention to the details make the difference. That's why, for over fifteen years we've worked to perfect our craft so you can enjoy the best tasting bison available.
Never Ever Promise

High Plains Bison are never, ever given growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or animal by-products. Our bison meet strict, nationally recognized animal welfare standards.

Certified Bison

All High Plains Bison products are 100% Certified Bison—a quality seal that ensures production with strict ranching, animal welfare, food safety and processing standards.

Chilled Exclusively by Air

High Plains Bison products are craft-processed in small batches using our Chilled Exclusively by Air™ process to ensure premium flavor tenderness and increased food safety.

Bison Tenderloin

One Taste and
You'll Never Roam

We're confident that High Plains Bison is the most flavorful, tender and delicious bison you'll ever taste.

There's a new meat
on the menu

High Plains Bison has a wide variety of Bison Steaks, Ground Bison and flavorful Bison Sausages that are all easy to prepare.

High Plains Bison
Bison Illustration

Sustainable Ranching

High Plains Bison can roam and enjoy a free choice-feeding program to ensure the entire herd is well nourished. We worked with leading land, grass, and bison experts to develop a proprietary tool which meticulously evaluates the land. Our Ranch Vitality Calculator™ accurately estimates the number of bison an area can support, minimizing overstocking and assuring adequate food and water.

Compassionate Animal Welfare

High Plains Bison is committed to our bison’s health, safety, and mental well-being. Human interaction is minimized, and our bison develop naturally without antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids. Our animals can roam and enjoy a nutritious diet of all-natural feed. They are never, ever fed animal by-products.