Bison Uncured Hot Dogs

Whether you serve them on a bun or add them to your entrée, you can’t go wrong with these flavorful yet simple High Plains Bison Hot Dogs. These fully cooked, uncured Bison hot dogs are filler free, contain no nitrates and make any meal a snap. High Plains Bison hot dogs are 100% Certified Bison™ and Chilled Exclusively by Air™ so you can enjoy and incredible flavor with fewer calories and less fat than a beef hot dog.

Recipes Shown:

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High Plains Uncured Bison Hot Dogs are fully cooked, filler free, with no nitrates. Enjoy incredible flavor, fewer calories and less fat than beef dogs!

We believe relentless attention to the details make the difference. That’s why, for over fifteen years we’ve worked to perfect our craft so you can enjoy the best tasting bison available.

Find High Plains Bison near you

To learn more about bison, visit the Bison Council


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