Great Taste Bison Taking meat to a higher plain™ Easy Adventure Bison Taking meat to a higher plain™ Healthy Goodness Taking meat to a higher plain™

Taking Meat to a Higher Plain™


One Taste and You'll Never Roam

High Plains Bison delivers the flavor you crave and satisfies your appetite for adventure. It's love at first bite.

Meet the Leaner Red Meat

High Plains Bison is a healthier alternative to other proteins. It's low in calories and fat, but high in protein and nutrients. High Plains Bison is what healthy should taste like.

Deliciously Easy

From mouth-watering bison burgers and sausages to tender, hand-cut bison steaks, High Plains Bison offers a wide variety of premium bison products that are easy to prepare and great for grilling.
The rich flavor of these majestic animals is not too gamey, but not a corn-fed beef flavor either. Tami Lax, Owner & Chef at Harvest Restaurant
I love the idea of bison because it's such an American product. I think of it as beef with less fat in it. Bobby Flay, Celebrity Chef
It's a safe and wonderful meat for your family. It's basically a chemical free meat. Andrew Stevens, Corporate Chef, the Vintage Group


Tender and Juicy

Ground Bison

Great for Grilling

Dogs & Sausages

Delightfully Easy

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